Live Well CBD Oral

Please Note this is Oral Cbd And not advised to be vaped!!! Check out our  vape Cbd if you are looking for a vapeable verison!!!!


300mg (3%) - 10ml Spray Cap

500mg (5%) - 10ml Spray Cap
1000mg (10%) - 10ml Spray Cap
1500mg (15%) - 10ml Spray Cap
2000mg (20%) - 10ml Dropper Cap
3000mg (30%) - 10ml Dropper Cap


Live Well CBD provide Full Spectrum CBD liquids that can be used both in a vaporiser/E-cigarette and orally.

Our CBD starts life in Switzland with its crystal clear rivers, unspoiled meadows, fresh, pure alpine air and the most amazing vistas.

After maturation the plants are cut and the material is put through an extraction process using supercritical Co2, this process extracts all of the beneficial compounds from the fibres without damaging them like a hot extraction would.

Live Well CBD is made with sustainability in mind, we maintain ecological responsibility and respect the cycle of life.

Live Well CBD

Our CBD products start life in the best possible natural environment, beautiful Switzland.
After maturing and being gathered comes the process of extraction, a complete and thorough Supercritical Co2 method is used to collect all of the beneficial compounds from the fibre, leaves and buds to ensure Live Well CBD is as complete and pure as possible, just as mother nature provided it.
This extract is then added to a carrier base liquid to enable it to be used in a variety of ways and give you the best possible experience from our CBD products.
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